Outreach in the schools

Haven’s outreach program consists of therapists working in a community school to connect with youth on an informal basis.  The program is tailored based upon input from personnel at each school to meet the needs of the student body.  At each school, the Haven therapist is available for young people to talk to and confide in if they so desire.  Outreach workers also interact with youth by bringing in games, arts and crafts, and playing sports to aid in building rapport, modeling social skills, and enhancing problem solving ability. Workers may also utilize psychoeducational activities to promote positive mental health and awareness.  The ultimate goal of Haven’s Outreach Program is to assist young people in achieving their full potential.

Haven’s Outreach Program operates at both high school campuses in New Trier Township, Wilmette Junior High, Marie Murphy School and Sunset Ridge School in Northfield Township.  The program is targeted at young people ages 12-18.

To learn how Haven can offer outreach in your school, contact Haven’s clinical director!