Looking for Help

Haven offers many different services to our community members. We utilize prevention services to prevent problems before they start, and offer intervention services to assist our clients once an issue has been identified. However, while most of the services we offer fall into one of these categories, “help” looks different for every adolescent or family that comes our way. Because of these variations, we make sure to tailor our services to meet the individual needs of the clients that we serve.

Emergency Housing

Haven collaborates with two local shelters to offer adolescents emergency housing. The temporary shelters accept boys ages 12-17 and girls ages 12-18. In situations where emergency housing for a young person is deemed appropriate, permission of a guardian is necessary to proceed. In addition, the housing agreements require families to attend a minimum of one family session per week with a Haven counselor.


Crisis Intervention

Haven has the ability to respond to a crisis 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We receive emergency calls from youth, parents, schools, and the police to assist with a variety of crisis situations.  

Individual Therapy

Haven provides individual therapy in office. We have the ability to see clients of any age who are working toward making changes in their life.  The average length of therapy is about 6 months. 

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Family Therapy

Haven also offers family therapy to all or some members of a family.  Family therapy may begin at the recommendation of the individual therapist or by request of the family.  Typically, participants attend a session once per week to meet with their family therapist. 


Group Therapy

Haven offers therapy groups at various times throughout the year. We are always open to suggestions about types of groups that our clients may find useful. 

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Community Resources

One of the services that Haven provides is referral to other resources within the community.  Referral to other agencies may be to augment our work at Haven or to provide a service that we do not administer.