Crisis Intervention

Emergency Housing

Haven will assist in teen housing crises in our community in the case of family conflict, lockout or runaway situations.  Haven receives calls 24 hours a day from parents, teens, police and schools to provide linkage to area shelters.  If you or someone else needs emergency housing, call (847)251-6630, indicate that your situation is an emergency and you will be connected to a Haven staff member.


Text-a-Tip is a 24/hour anonymous text-based crisis hotline offering emotional support for middle and high school students.  If you need assistance, text “HELLO” to 1(844)823-5323.  A live mental health counselor will respond within minutes to provide support.  All texts are sent using technology that keeps communication completely anonymous.

Other Crises

Haven is a part of the New Trier Community Response Program and collaborates with other community mental health professionals, police officers and the school system to assist our community members whenever crises arise.  Please call Haven directly if you need assistance.