Individual Therapy

Haven provides individual therapy for people seeking to make positive changes in their lives.  The people who seek therapy at Haven are working through a variety of issues, among them:

-Mood issues, like anxiety or depression, or to sort through complicated emotions

-Maladaptive coping skills like self-harm, disordered eating, substance abuse

-Family conflict, divorce or loss within the family

-Gender or sexual identity issues

-Academic or athletic pressure

-Transitions (transitions to parenting, into high school or college, or other life stage changes)

-Infertility, adoption and other parenting issues

Here is what you can expect if you see a Haven therapist:

-Any incoming client will take part in a thorough intake session, which helps us get a better understanding of your background and the issue with which you are currently struggling.

-Following the intake session, we will match you with a therapist who is best suited to meet your needs.  Typically, we offer individual and family therapy sessions for 45-50 minutes, once a week. However, additional sessions may be offered as needed.

-Counseling is provided by masters-level therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors. Our graduate-level interns are also closely supervised to provide quality clinical services.

-Haven is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.  If you have another type of insurance, we are happy to do the billing for you for your out-of-network benefits.  Questions about whether you have coverage for therapy?  Give us a call!  If you do not have health insurance, we are also able to offer sliding-scale fees, thanks to our generous private, local and state funding.