Start Today

It is officially halfway through January 2019. How are your New Year Resolutions? U.S. News reports that 80% of resolutions will fail by the 2nd week in February. That statistic is not very comforting for those of us hoping to manifest change or growth this year. However, here at Haven, we’ve adapted a ‘start today’ philosophy that encourages people to not let a setback derail your motivation for improving your quality of life or mastering a new skill.

So now that the holiday buzz is over and the kids are back in school, have you taken a moment to do an internal review for yourself? Is there an area in your parenting that you’d like to change? Is there a career move you’d like to make? Is there a pattern you’d like to break? A habit you want to incorporate this year? It is not too late! If yourself permission to start today!

Tips for Setting Attainable Goals:

  • Make sure your goal is important to YOU: Don’t get caught up in the hype of “new year, new you” and set goals that society tells you ‘should’ do. Take some time to review last year for yourself and determine: What went well? How I can I continue that? What didn’t work? How would you like to see that change? What are you excited for?
  • Use the SMART goal setting strategy. It’s proven that this strategy makes achieving goals more manageable. Learn more HERE.





Time Bound

  • Write them down. Achieving goals doesn’t happen on autopilot, it takes intentionality. When you spend time to write down your goals you solidify them instead of keeping them as vague concepts and good intentions.
  • Share and get accountability. Tell your friends or your family about your goals. Ask them to check in with out about them and do the same for them. Celebrate each others’ big and small victories this year. You might find yourself feeling even more empowered to reach your goals when your community is too!

We encourage everyone to set a goal for themselves! Big, small – something to add, something to drop – it doesn’t matter. Find something that is important to you and get after it. Looking for inspiration? Check out these Podcasts (HYFS does not endorse all ideas or statements from these podcasts, but rather suggests that these concepts may be helpful to you):

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